When will my child receive their ID card for tapping on/off?

If your primary aged child has not already been issued an SCCC student ID card, they will be issued one after you receive your booking confirmation. ID cards can be collected from the IT Department on the Secondary Campus from Monday 15 January – Friday 19 January. Any cards not collected during this period will be available on the bus/es from Tuesday 23 January. Existing secondary students should have an ID card.

Does the ID card expire?

Yes, the existing ID cards will expire in May 2024. New ID cards will be issued once school photos have been taken in 2024.

What happens if my child forgets their ID card? 

The bus driver can manually log your child in and out of the bus. However, this process is time consuming, and it is highly encouraged that students riding the SCCC bus always have their ID cards with them. 

My child has lost their ID card, what do they do?

New ID cards can be purchased at a cost of $10. Parents with primary aged child/ren can request and pay for a new card through their Campus Secretary. Secondary students can do this directly through the IT Department. 

Will I be able to track my child’s bus journey?

Yes, the tap on/tap off system is linked to RollCall software. Installing the RollCall App will allow you to track your child’s journey in real time. More information about this will be communicated in 2024. 

How much is this service?

This service is free of charge. 

Is my child guaranteed a seat on the bus?

Booking confirmations will be sent out on Monday 15 January. If we cannot accommodate your child/ren on the SCCC bus service, we will let you know on Monday 15 January so you can make alternative arrangements. This service does have a limited number of seats and we will be prioritising primary students and primary students with secondary siblings.   

What if my Primary aged child is on the bus, but there is no room for my Secondary aged child?

Primary aged students and secondary siblings will be prioritised on the bus service. 

What do I do if my child is absent from school and normally catches the school bus?

You will need to log an absence through the BCE Connect App or Parent Portal as normal. If your child is scheduled to catch the bus that today, they will be marked as absent on our bus manifesto. 

What happens if my child misses the PM bus?

In the afternoon at the Primary Campuses, the teacher on duty will be marking the bus manifesto as students board the bus. It is important that if your child is absent, you have let the school know. If a secodonary student misses the bus, they can go to the Main College Reception to phone their parents/carers.

If I am running late to collect my child from a PM bus stop, can the bus wait?

Unfortunately, due to the time scheduling of our buses, the bus will not be able to wait with students once they disembark. Please discuss with your child what they should do if you are running late to collect them.