Programs of Excellence

​​​​​Rich Task Opportunities @ SCCC

In our constant pursuit of excellence, Southern Cross Catholic College provides students with many rich task opportunities. These programs encourage learners to think creatively, work logically, communicate ideas, synthesise results, analyse different viewpoints, look for commonalities and evaluate findings within many contexts. The programs listed below provide our students with the strong foundation and communities for enquiry and collaboration, the promotion of communication skills and a platform for the growth and development of student imagination.

  • Pathways Week
  • Strong University, TAFE and Defence Force opportunities​
  • Year 10 Work Experience​
  • STEM/Science Week​
  • ​Transition Programs - Years 6 to 7 and 7 to 10​
  • ​Focus Literacy Development - Regular Writing Task, NAPLAN Training, Skill Bolstering Sessions and PAT-R/PAT-M benchmarking​​​
  • Semester exams - Years 7 to 10​
  • Skills 4 Life Program​
  • Damascus Program - Regional and Metropolitan​
  • ​Trial exams for Seniors - Years 11 and 12​

​​​Pursuit of Excellence Multi-age STEM Project - ​​​Years 7-10Science.jpg

Unwavering in our pursuit of excellence for all students is the aim of this Multi-age STEM Project. By invitation, students who seek to push the limits of understanding, research, and thought processes are provided an opportunity to work as a part of a multi-age team to develop hypothesis and seek to prove or disprove these big questions through the conventions of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. ​

​​Pursuit of Excellence - Science

​​​Unwavering in our pursuit and encouraging our students to satisfy their c​uriosity by 'doing', the Year 9 and 10 Science e​xtension classes go beyond expectation in learning, exploration and discovery in preparation for the Senior Years sciences and in critical thinking skills. 

​Pursuit of Excellence - Mathematics

​​Southern Cross Catholic College seeks to encourage and extend those students who have an aptitude for mathematics. Students have the option in Years 9 and 10 of applying for a position in an extension maths subject. 

This extension opportunity seeks to engage students' love for maths through accelerated learning plans, deeper understanding of topics and the introduction of advanced concepts. 

Southern Cross Catholic College, Secondary Campus, is proud to be a Maths Active School.

Bronze.png ​

​​Pursuit of Excellence - English

​At Southern Cross Catholic College, students are encouraged to excel in their area of academic talent. The English Pursuit of Excellence program aims to foster both the academic and personal development of talented students within a caring environment. Students are regularly challenged as a result of extended and enriched learning opportunities.

Among the activities and competitions on offer in our English extension programs, students are able to participate in the following activities:

  • ​Excursions, visiting speakers and performers
  • Creative Writing
  • Workshops​

​University Excellence Programs

​​University Excellence Programs give the flexibility of a transition program to enable students to study first-year university subjects whilst still studying Years 11 and 12. This offers an insight into university life and prepares for further studies. All subjects are by application only and additional costs will be incurred, pending acceptance. University options include Queensland University of Technology (QUT), University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), Australian Catholic University (ACU) and University of Queensland (UQ). 

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