Every one of us can find success and learning in life, however not everyone has the attitude, habits and support needed to make the most of their potential.

Southern Cross Catholic College uses the Reboot program to help our students feel empowered and be willing and capable of making the best of ​opportunities  presented to them. Working in conjunction with Brisbane Catholic Education's Positive Behaviour for Learning, the Reboot program integrates findings from developmental and positive psychology, neuroscience, education and success research, mindfulness and change theory to enable students to weave the skills learnt into their daily interactions to create the optimal conditions for learning and growth. ​

Through the use of common language and a seven-​step program, Reboot helps create self-aware and self-responsible students who can strive to maximise their potential. 

With Reboot we aim to:

  • Inspire student confidence and goal setting
  • Improve student self-regulation, emotional literacy and general well​being
  • Improve student engagement
  • Develop positive behaviours
  • Manage learning anxiety and create stress-aware classrooms with happier students and staff
  • Develop the skills essential to life success
  • Introduce the neuroscience of effective learning and whole​-brain teaching.​

With thanks to Rebooting Now allowing permission to use this image.