​​​​​Each campus has their own tuckshop with opening days being:

​Prep - Year 6 ​

​Woody Point Campus

​Thursday, Friday - first and second breaks​​​​​​​

​Scarborough Primary Campus

​Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - first and second breaks

​Kippa Ring Campus

​Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - first and second breaks

​Year 7 - 12 ​

Scarborough Secondary Campus

​Every day before school and both breaks


Flexischools is the simple, cashless method for tuckshop orders and purchases.

Parents of Primary students are able to order and pay online, with Secondary students able to purchase using their student I​D cards.

Setting up an account is easy. Simply go to www.flexischools.com.au and register. Once registered, orders can be placed immediately.

Kippa RingTuckshop 2021.pdf
Scarborough Primary tuckshop 2021.pdf​​
Scarborough Secondary Summer Menu 2021.pdf

Woody Point Tuckshop 2021.pdf