Senior Years (Years 11-12)

​​​​​​​​​The final phase of learning at SCCC prepares students for entry into the world. Students are invited to choose an academic pathway which is suitable for them and adaptable to their needs. 

The Senior Phase of learning has a strong focus on the notion of a two-year program. Within Years 11 and 12, syllabi are broken into Units of Learning. These units do not fall neatly into semester or term boundaries. Subject selections made for the commencement of Year 11 are to be retained until the end of Year 12. This provides a clear pathway to attain a QCE and provides students with the foundation on which learning is built throughout the two-year journey. 

​The College offers a wide range of gener​al and applied subjects for students to cho​ose from. Students may choose whether to qualify for an ATAR, allowing them the opportunity to pursue tertiary studies or they may be more suited to following a Vocational Education course. SCCC offers certificate courses which encompass a work-placement option. Our objective is to be as flexible as possible in order to cater for the diverse range of student needs and set each and every student​ up for success​.​​​ The pursuit of excellence is encouraged in all areas of endeavour.

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