Vision, Mission, Crest and Motto


​Southern Cross Catholic College is a learning community which aspires to growth in knowledge, love and service in the presence of God.


In light of the Gospel and the educational values of our founders, our College is a Christian community of lifelong learners committed to nurturing the gifts and potential of its members. We seek to serve the wider community, promote dignity and justice for all people and be active stewards of the environment. 


​​The Southern Cross Catholic College crest consists of several elements:

Red Cliffs​​

​The red cliffs and shoreline sy​mbolise characteristics of the Redcliffe Peninsula​​


The cross of Christ is central to the College ethos with the stars of the Southern Cross representing 'light out of the cross.'

Southern Cross

The Southern Cross symbolises our Australian heritage and pride in our nation.

Jade Circle

The jade circle represents our sense of community and our founding schools prior t​​​​​o our amalgamation.


These above symbols are enclosed by ​waves representing energy and our seaside location.



The College motto 'Seek the Light' draws attention to the spirituality which forms the basis for the name Southern Cross Catholic College. It focuses clearly on Jesus as the 'Light o​​f the World'; the guiding light and the inspiration for our lives. The motto then, is an imperative to seek the light of Christ and the light of learning.​