The Arts

​SCCC offers a variety of co-curricular activities in The Arts in areas covering visual arts, drama and music. ​Through these activities, students contribute to the College and wider community and have their talents and gifts fostered through supportive and enriching environments. A team of enthusiastic, passionate specialist teachers facilitate these programs and take great pride and joy in developing the future creatives of our world. Through these groups students are able to perform and present their work within the college and local community, through to events and competitions.


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​​​​Secondary Co-curricular

​Primary Co-curricular

​Art Club

​​​​Combined Primary Campuses Choir


​Dance Troupe​

Drama Club​

​​​Glee Club

Dance Ensemble

​​​Instrumental Ensemble Groups*

​Vocal Ensemble*

​​Art Club

​​​​Instrumental Ensemble groups*


*Available through the SCCC Instrumental Music Program. ​To learn more about some of our co-curricular opportunities offered through this program​​ visit the SCCC Instrumental Music page.

​​​​Cultural Showcase

​​​The College Cultural Showcase is an annual celebration of our Arts and culture. Held in Term 3, it includes a visual arts exhibition as well as a performance showcase with dance, drama and music performances from students across our four campuses. Works on display offer a snapshot of what is happening in our classrooms and co-curricular cultural programs. 


© Brisbane Catholic Education, Southern Cross Catholic College, 2023