​​​Scarborough Primary Campus

​"Our three chil​dren attend Southern Cross Catholic College Primary School in Scarborough and are thriving in this learning environment. We have found SCCC to have highly qualified teaching staff, which is essential to individualise education with all types of learning needs. The school also has one of the best learning support units, so no child is left behind. We believe SCCC achieves greatness as it is lead by a holistic Principal and APRE who genuinely care about our children and family." - KATIE

​Woody Point Campus

​"After already attending another school for 18 months, we found the size and culture of the school wasn't helping our Preppie with her anxiety and our Grade 1 son with his overactive brain. We went straight to Southern Cross Woody Point where we were welcomed into a supportive and loving school family. Our daughter's anxiety left her and she has made amazing friends. Our son is extended in his work and supported in every area of school. Southern Cross has a family style culture based on God's love and this is what the children are taught, to accept others, and love as God loves us. We couldn't be happier with Southern Cross Woody Point." - BETH

​​Kippa Ring Campus

​"It takes a village to raise a child and the team at Southern Cross are vital humans in our village. The professional team at Southern Cross truly care for our children as little humans with individual needs on their important personal and educational journeys through life. We have had the privilege of three of our children to be cared for, nurtured and educated at Southern Cross and we couldn't recommend the school more highly to other families." - AARON

​Scarborough Secondary Campus

​​"I just wanted to say how thrilled we are with the school! My daughter has settled in so quickly and easily and is loving it at Southern Cross. I have been so impressed by the level of care she has received - not just from teachers (who have been lovely) but from the other students. She has had​ so many come up to her and ask if she is new. When she says 'yes' they ask her name and welcome her to the school. Numerous times they have then seen her a day or two later, walked up to her, remembered her name and once again asked her how she is. This is just one example of the care she has received." - ​JANET​