House System

​​​​Delany House​​

House - Delany Cross.jpg
House - Delany Dolphin.jpg

Founder: Bishop Daniel Delany​​ (1747 - 1814)

House colour: Blue

House mascot: Delany Dolphin ​​

​​In 17th century Ireland, Catholics were denied human and religious freedoms. Daniel Delany brought back traditional Catholic education to the community and set about organising a Sunday school for adults and children. He found young men and women willing to create and run the schools and so began the Brigidine Sisters in 1807 and the Patrician Brothers in 1808.

SCCC has continued the spirit of Delany and St Brigid in their faith, generosity and compassion and especially in the way they always try to act with strength​ and gentleness, no matter what is​ happening around them. 

​​Frawley House​

House - Frawley Cross.jpg

House - Frawley Dragon.jpg
Founder: Monsignor Bartholomew Frawley (1904 - 2002)

​House Colour: Green

House Mascot: Frawley Dragon

​​​Monsignor Frawley was a great organiser and builder who built​ several schools and a church on the Redcliffe Peninsula. He always encouraged the people of Redcliffe to put their problems before God, and if so, an answer would come. Students of SCCC have embraced the spirit of the Mons by turning to God in prayer and always working to the best of one's ability.

La Salle House​​

House - La Salle Cross.jpg

House - La Salle Lion.jpg

Founder: ​​St John Baptist de La Salle

House Colour: Red

House Mascot: La Salle Lion

​Belonging to an influential famil​y, and with the highest university honours, John Baptist de La Salle was set for a glittering career, however, by following one small decision that lead to another, he became completely devoted to the education of children and to the training of those who would educate and form them. De La Salle is the Patron Saint of Teachers and his spirit today guides SCCC by making us a part of the worldwide Lasallian family.

​MacKillop House​

House - MacKillop Cross.jpg

House - MacKillop Kangaroo.jpg

​Founder:​ St ​Mary of the Cross MacKillop

House Colour: White

House Mascot: MacKillop Kangaroo

​​Mary MacKillop placed her trust in God, and, with the young women who joined her and became her religious sisters, they began teaching the poor children in many small outback towns and big cities in early Australia. We at SCCC are part of the MacKillop family and continue her work of bringing God's compassion to those in need. 

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