Teaching & Learning

​​​The core business of Southern Cross Catholic College is learning. We aim to empower our learners to shape, change and enrich our world and give witness to the Gospel message. The curriculum of the College refers to all the experiences which occur within the school environment. 

The formal, explicit curriculum is the planned, taught and assessed learning of students, while the informal or implicit curriculum is inherent in our relationships, interactions, practices, processes, systems and structures that surround learning. 

Southern Cross Catholic College strives to provide all students with a seamless and coherent program of learning from Prep to Year 12. Such a curriculum builds on students' prior knowledge and experiences, becomes increasingly more complex and abstract and provides authentic contexts for learning as students journey through their schooling.

A relevant and meaningful curriculum is future-focused and attentive to the needs of today's youth and their world. It is based on the belief that all students are lifelong learners and all students can achieve success in their learning.

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