Cultural Showcase

​​The Cultural Showcase held on Thursday 31 August was a wonderful display of The Arts across Southern Cross Catholic College. The Brother Timothy Peter Centre is an excellent performing venue and it is with great excitement that we continue to use the facility to put on a range of shows. It was wonderf​ul to see so many parents and grandparents in the audience appreciating and enjoying the performances of the students.

The dancing, music, singing and the terrific commedia dell’arte performers shone under the stage lights of the TPC. The whole evening ran like clockwork and the preparation and rehearsal that had preceded the acts ensured that not one performer missed a beat.

An event such as this cannot succeed without a dedicated team of staff and students, working behind the scenes. Their efforts made the show truly memorable. In particular, thank you to Mrs Vanessa Hall for her co-ordination of the event. Everyone involved has the right to feel enormously proud of what was presented.

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