Amazing start for all students

​​​Students from Prep through to Year 12 had an amazing to start to the 2023 school year if their smiles are anything​ to go by. 

Prep students said goodbye to Mum and Dad  and embraced a new chapter with many of them commencing their 13 year educational journey at SCCC.​

Year 7 students for 2023 commenced on the same day, welcomed with a guard of honour and by their big brothers/sisters from Years 11 or 12. 

Embodying one of our five core Lasallian principles, that being, Inclusive Community, new students from Years 8-12 were also welcomed to the secondary campus with smiles, positivity and open arms.

Mrs Aime Culpeper, Deputy Head of Secondary Campus said "there is energy, synergy and positivity amongst all our staff and students."

"We are looking forward to what 2023 has to offer," she said. 

​Year 7 students will participate in a three week transition program which includes core skills such as timetable reading, laptop operation, digital citizenship and a three day Year 7 camp.