TPC gets new lease on life

​​The Brother Timothy Peter Centre (TPC), located opposite the main secondary campus building, has undergone a transformation turning it into a performance centre worthy of the greatest production.

Built in the 1970s, the TPC was previously used for large college events such as graduation ceremonies, campus assemblies and as an indoor sport centre. 

The renovation of the building included sound-proofing curtains, wall cladding, a larger stage, new flooring, a new sound and lighting system and the installation of large fans and louvres for temperature control and circulation.

Before the building can be opened to students for its purpose, it will become the home of the secondary teachers who will move in and utilise it as their staff room, whilst the old staff room is transformed into the Student Wellbeing Centre, This development is the final stage of the secondary campus master plan.

We look forward to the events that will be held and celebrated in the TPC when accessible for students and staff alike.

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