Students thrive using integrated technology

The integration of technology into classroom learning is a priority for Southern Cross Catholic College​, so much so, one of its teachers is now a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE).

Melissa Fallarino, based at Kippa Ring Campus, works with both teachers and students to enhance 21st Century Learning Design which includes such elements as real-world problem solving and collaboration, knowledge construction, self-regulation, skilled communication and the use of ICT for learning.

Students are taught how to use a variety of Microsoft tools such as Sway, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote and Teams, which is vital for not only general educational practices, but also for the experiences around online learning during recent lockdowns.

Mrs Fallarino said the skill of students across the Microsoft platforms ensured the most recent online learning experience was productive and interactive.

"We were able to deliver much more interactive content and the students were able to demonstrate their learning using their acquired​ ICT skills," she said.

"Students were able to provide proof of their learning and teachers were confident delivering quality and meaningful learning experiences online."

Mrs Fallarino needs to apply each year to Microsoft to be a part of its global program.

"It is a pretty intense application which needs to demonstrate how the use of technology supports and enhances the educational opportunities of our students.," she said.

Part of Mrs Fallarino's role as an MIEE is to also upskill teachers by providing both compulsory and voluntary PD opportunities.

"Teachers are using ICT and assistive technology to open up avenues of accessing  and demonstrating learning for students of all abilities," Mrs Fallarino said.

"I'm excited to apply again for 2022 to not only continue my own learning journey but also that of our staff and students."