More than a word - Reconciliation takes action

Southern Cross Catholic College has hosted the  2021 Reconciliation Week event for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, with students visiting from Catholic secondary‚Äč schools located between the Sunshine Coast in the north down to Beenleigh in the south. 

With over 208 students attending from 14 schools, students explored the theme of Reconciliation and how they can make a practical contribution. 

Students took part in art activities and listened to elders ‚Äčexplore the theme of Reconciliation Week - More than a Word. Reconciliation takes action.

Southern Cross is committed in its journey to strive for excellence in Indigenous Education by providing a learning environment where unity in diversity is highly valued. 

The College's Garanyali Unit, lead by Br Rick Gaffney, supports indigenous students by heightening cultural identity, maintaining high expectations, promoting active leadership and building strong community relationships. 

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