Charlotte's Hollywood light shines


Charlotte Stent.jpgScarborough Primary student, Charlotte Stent, is one step closer to her Hollywood dream as she appears in The Very Excellent Mr Dundee, available now to stream on Amazon Prime.

The Very Excellent Mr Dundee features a star-studded cast including John Cleese, Chevy Chase, Olivia Newton-John, Shane Jacobson, Julia Morris and Paul Hogan, playing a fictionalised version of himself. 

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, there will be no red-carpet premiere, however Charlotte is happy to watch the movie launch at home with her family, eat popcorn and hopefully make people laugh, because "we can all do with a good laugh at this time."

"It's amazing to get to watch this film in this time. It's such a sad time for the industry, but if we all stick together we'll get through it," Charlotte says. 

Charlotte's next film is a psychological thriller called Sweet River - another Australian movie filmed before Covid-19.

Charlotte is certainly a name to look out for in the future and SCCC is proud to call her one of our own.​